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Frequently asked questions

Who are we?

Berlin Bike Tour is one of the most renowned City Tour company in Berlin. Our management is applying their worldwide, year long experience in tourism to give our guests, young or older, a high level of entertainment,fun,relaxation and knowledge of our city's history. Our guides are certified and well trained local city guides and enthusiastic Berlin fans.They are an ideal mix to showcase Berlin and its pulsating life through our individual city tours. Every year we employ certified guides from diverse colleges in Berlin to take care of our constant growing demand. As our apprentices we prepare them for our special needs and approach to be a tour guide for our company. Berlin Bike Tour has created a different way of guided tours and our success tells us, that we are on the right path.

Small groups, big adventures...

Should I register for a tour in advance?

Prior registration with Berlin Bike Tour is not compulsory, but as the group size is limited we dp recommend prior registration. Prior registration is nonbinding and free of charge, only your place will be reserved. Dropping by spontaneously, please understand that registered guests will always have priority if there are more people than places.

Why are there only 12 people in a group?

The main reason for this, too, is our main objective: fun. In groups of up to 20 people you may happen to stand far away from the guide at some stops, and to have trouble understanding what they are saying. Also, it’s no fun having to fear losing the group members at every traffic light. Of course, groups of more than 8 people will also be welcome to join our tours. In that case we will use an additional guide.

Where do the tours start from?

All our tours start at the historical place Bornholmer Straße. This is where our guests will learn, sometimes from contemporary witnesses, what exactly happened here, at the first checkpoint to open on 9 November 1989.

How long does a tour take? What’s the distance that is covered?

You will find exact details on duration and distances covered on specific tours in the ‘Tour catalogue’ on Berlin Bike Tour website. Tours take three to six hours.

What happens in bad weather, do the tours go ahead anyway?

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.' If weather conditions are not quite ideal you will receive rain wear and gloves for the tour, ofcourse free of charge.

How about toilet breaks?

This city has plenty of public toilets, whose locations your guide will be familiar with. On request they will be happy to have a short break on the way.

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